My food and book adventures in London and beyond

I started Sweet Harmless Temptations because I am passionate about telling everyone about the amazing food that I have come across. I keep this blog primarily because it helps me track what I’ve been fortunate enough to eat and was created out of a pure love of food and drink. However, over time it has also become a collection of recipes and articles, as I have a yearning to share incredible meals with anyone who wants to see them. I am mainly just someone who loves to eat, write, and try new things and this blog combines all these.

I was also running a books and adventures blog What Claire Marie Did Next. I have now merged these two blogs into one blog, based around my passions of food, books, and adventures- all the sweet harmless temptations that make existence extra nice.

When I’m not blogging, I’m usually trying out different foods, working out, and doing my day job as a marketer for an anti-poverty charity. I am also a freelance writer and like live music, yoga, and travelling.

Come with me on my adventures…

P.S. If you want to read more of my writing, visit my personal website at https://clairechambers.uk

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