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    49 Cafe- Eat Like A Londoner

    49 Cafe is my go-to place for lunch when working in London. It’s not too much to look at from the outside- but go inside! They serve big tubs of pasta and paella for £7.50. This place is popular with locals and the working crowd, so there is often a queue when visiting. Nevertheless it is worth the wait as the food is amazing and really filling. It is also pleasant to eat whilst sitting in one of the many parks around Bloomsbury. 49 Cafe, 49 Marchmont St, London WC1N 1AP

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    Bill’s in Victoria: A Review

    Bill’s in Victoria is in an excellent location, with great views of Westminster Cathedral and the surrounding area. The decor is gorgeous- green velvets and soft leather seating, with the homely clutter that Bill’s is known for. My top tip would be to book in advance- I went on a Sunday lunchtime and it was very busy, so I can only imagine would it would be like on a Friday or Saturday evening. You can book easily through their website. What to eat? I had the chicken shawarma- it was really filling and made me feel like I was eating the rainbow! Simple but tasty. I liked the fact that…

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    Mexican food in London Bridge at Santo Remedio

    I’m a big fan of Mexican food. For a long time, I have named Santo Remedio as my favourite Mexican place for Mexican food in London. I even wrote a blog post back in 2019, extolling its virtues (you can find it here if you want to check it out). And then I came across El Pastor and my favourite restaurant had some strong competition. I really wanted to go back to Santo Remedio and try it again. And then I got my chance- in January, we spent a few hours at Winter Lights in Canary Wharf (which is worth visiting if you ever get the chance to go), however the…

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    Eating My Way Through London: Afternoon Tea at Ladurée, Covent Garden

    Ladurée Covent Garden is renowned for its exquisite French pastries and delicate macarons, which take center stage in its afternoon tea menu. Ladurée originate in Paris, where they started out baking their famous double-decker macarons in 1862. They’ve since shipped them all over the world, with cute little shops popping up everywhere.  I wanted to plan an afternoon tea to celebrate a special occasion and the afternoon tea at Ladurée seemed perfect. I am a lover of French cuisine, so embraced the opportunity to enjoy a quintessentially English past-time with a French twist. I also liked the fact that the vibe was more low-key than other afternoon teas I was…

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    Eating my way through London: El Pastor

    El Pastor is my kind of place. Mexican food with a buzzy vibe- what’s not to like? One thing to note is- El Pastor does not accept bookings. So be sure to bring a phone and scope out places in the area for a drink whilst you’re waiting. They are good about taking your number and texting you when a table becomes available, so there’s no having to hang about in the rain. Just be aware that wait times can be around two hours. What to eat? Tacos of course! I would definitely recommend getting a few types and mixing it up with the other people you’re dining with. The…