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    Chocolate and Greek Yoghurt Cake

    This chocolatey treat is really moist and satisfying. It’s healthier as well- so ticks all the boxes. The ingredients for this cake were originally supplied by Bakedin, but this recipe works equally as well. Once baked, you can decorate in any you like- it was Easter, so I decorated with chocolate swirls and mini Easter eggs.

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    Easter in Greece

    View of the island of Patmos from the top of the monastery I’ve got quite a few things to write about on here, however seeing as we are currently in the Easter season, I thought I’d blog about those another time and instead today concentrate on the time I spent Easter in Greece, in 2011. This was quite an experience, very far removed from everything I’ve done at Easter in the past. It involved eating a lot of Easter bread (a sweet Greek speciality) and participating in traditions that I’d never come across before. I was raised as a Catholic and am used to observing Easter as a religious festival,…

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    Easter Chocolate

    Today I decided to get my Easter chocolate fix by trying out the Belgian Hot Chocolate at Costa Coffee. It was delicious and very chocolatey, much more than their usual hot chocolate: Happy Easter!