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    Time for breakfast

    Okay time for another breakfast post- because I love breakfast. Normally, due to my work schedule, it’s usually something light for me. Therefore I appreciate the opportunity to go all out. This Eggs Benedict was delicious: The Cross- Keys, Saffron Walden

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    Breakfast on Albert Docks

    Breakfast is one of my favourite meals of the day (along with lunch and dinner. And brunch). In the week, because of my work schedule it’s pretty simple, but at the weekend I like to go for something a little bit more exciting (toast, you’re up). I was lucky enough to enjoy breakfast on Albert Docks on a recent trip to Liverpool. It was a lovely sunny day. Peabody Coffee Shop was quite hipster and pricey but the food is divine. This egg and bacon muffin was gorgeous. More pictures of food from my Liverpool trip to come.

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    Scrambled Eggs and English Muffin

    The title says it all. I love breakfast. I especially like going out for breakfast. And I especially like breakfast when it’s not cereal (no offence to cereal). The Hide in Ampthill (near my parents) is a little cafe that does great food. This breakfast was ideal after a run- it really helped restore my energy.