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    Canada Dreaming

    Do you ever get reminders from photo storage sites of things you’ve done in previous years? Google Photos is currently constantly sending me reminders that three years ago I was in Western Canada in the Rocky Mountains. Looking at my pictures from that trip reminds me what an amazing and beautiful place it is. Okay, have you booked your trip there yet? I really wish I was there now *sigh*

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    My food travels in the Netherlands: Utrecht

    I fail at travel blogging. I’ve been back from the Netherlands for over a month now and have been way too slow in uploading my pictures of the food we ate over there. Utrecht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, built along two tree-lined canals (the main one being Oudegracht). It is often described as Amsterdam’s little sister, but has a character of its own. It is also a foodie dream! Here is a round- up of some of the food I ate in Utrecht: Oude Muntkelder The Netherlands is known for its stroopwaffel, but is also big on its pancakes, with a pancake house on every…

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    Bristol: A City of Culinary Pleasures

    Bristol is a foodie’s paradise. There’s such a vast selection of good places to eat throughout the city. I was lucky enough to be gifted the chance to go on a food tour when I visited my friend Anna there a few months ago. Also- our tour guide was vegan as was my friend, so a lot of the food we sampled was either vegan or had a vegan alternative. West Street Kitchen A good place to start the tour, we enjoyed coffee and these super- cute cakes. Glitch Glitch is a hairdresser’s, but in true hipster style, they offer a nice line in rustic pizza. I really couldn’t get…

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    A Tale of Two Cities

    Today I am super excited as tomorrow I’m visiting Nottingham, my adopted home. I am going to a friend’s birthday celebration tomorrow evening and then going with my friends to the pantomime on Sunday (haven’t been for 20 years). Of course, we will take the opportunity to do festive things such as visiting the Winter Wonderland. Visiting different places was one of the things that I spent a lot of this summer doing.  The opening line of Charles Dickens’ novel A Tale of Two Cities:  “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” is a line that could also sum up my summer as I was able to do…

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    48 Hours in Savannah

    I came across this article I wrote for Vagabundo magazine a few years ago, about Savannah, Georgia and thought I’d share it here. Savannah is a quirky, offbeat place which should be on anyone’s list of places to visit in the deep south of America: