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    Eating My Way Through New York

    Are you in New York City and looking for a good place to eat? The city that never sleeps also never stops offering excellent dining options. It can be challenging to decide where to go, let alone find the best New York food spots. Luckily, during my recent trip, I made a note of all the great places where I dined in NYC and I’m eager to share them with you. Here are some lesser-known, fantastic places I discovered: Jacx & Co A cute, convenient New York food court (located in Long Island) with a variety of different cuisines. You can order individually at the table. This is ideal if…

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    49 Cafe- Eat Like A Londoner

    49 Cafe is my go-to place for lunch when working in London. It’s not too much to look at from the outside- but go inside! They serve big tubs of pasta and paella for £7.50. This place is popular with locals and the working crowd, so there is often a queue when visiting. Nevertheless it is worth the wait as the food is amazing and really filling. It is also pleasant to eat whilst sitting in one of the many parks around Bloomsbury. 49 Cafe, 49 Marchmont St, London WC1N 1AP

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    Bill’s in Victoria: A Review

    Bill’s in Victoria is in an excellent location, with great views of Westminster Cathedral and the surrounding area. The decor is gorgeous- green velvets and soft leather seating, with the homely clutter that Bill’s is known for. My top tip would be to book in advance- I went on a Sunday lunchtime and it was very busy, so I can only imagine would it would be like on a Friday or Saturday evening. You can book easily through their website. What to eat? I had the chicken shawarma- it was really filling and made me feel like I was eating the rainbow! Simple but tasty. I liked the fact that…

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    Dutch food highlights: Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam

    Welcome to the vibrant world of Dutch food and cuisine! Nestled in the heart of Europe, the Netherlands may not be the first country that comes to mind when thinking of gastronomic delights. However, this picturesque nation has much more to offer than just tulips and windmills. From indulging in hearty stroopwafels to devouring local delicacies like haring (herring) and bitterballen, the Netherlands has a rich culinary scene that is begging to be explored. I have written about the Netherlands before because I really loved the food. However, I think my recent visit to the Netherlands gives me ample opportunity to talk more about the culinary delights of the Netherlands.…

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    Mexican food in London Bridge at Santo Remedio

    I’m a big fan of Mexican food. For a long time, I have named Santo Remedio as my favourite Mexican place for Mexican food in London. I even wrote a blog post back in 2019, extolling its virtues (you can find it here if you want to check it out). And then I came across El Pastor and my favourite restaurant had some strong competition. I really wanted to go back to Santo Remedio and try it again. And then I got my chance- in January, we spent a few hours at Winter Lights in Canary Wharf (which is worth visiting if you ever get the chance to go), however the…