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    Comforting Chicken Stroganoff

    I was in the mood for something tasty and warming a few weeks ago and this flavoursome chicken stroganoff I made was just the ticket. It is is a comfort-food classic- ideal for a cold winter night, or just when you want to feel cosy. INGREDIENTS  INSTRUCTIONS  Do you know what to serve this with? I went for rice but apparently mashed potato is a popular side!

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    Soft-baked Pretzels

    Okay not going to lie, I’ve never really given much thought to pretzels. I predominantly thought they were a savoury snack. So when I received my latest baking box from BakedIn, I was intrigued to find that this month’s bake was going to be soft-baked pretzels. Not only that, but these were sweet, covered in cinnamon and designed to be dipped into melted chocolate. Pretzels were so fun to make- I would never have baked something like this usually, but they were easier than I thought they would be. I ate mine fresh out of the oven- they were delicious and made me feel like I was in continental Europe…

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    Very Easy Mince Pies Recipe

    Hope you’ve all been enjoying a wonderful Christmas time! I certainly have and one of the things I’ve been doing is taking the opportunity to bake some festive treats. I love mince pies and especially enjoy making my own. If you have some mincemeat left over, or fancy extending the Christmas festivities (after all, Christmas doesn’t officially end until January 6th), then you might like to give this recipe a try. It was given to me by a colleague, who got it from the BBC Good Food website. I guarantee it makes gorgeous mince pies. Ingredients 225g cold butter, diced 350g plain flour 1 sugar 100g golden caster sugar 280g…

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    Brilliant Banoffee Pie

    A few months ago my friend made this delicious banoffee pie for me. I thought I’d share the recipe with you: For the base: 100g butter, melted 250g digestive biscuits, crushed For the caramel: 100g butter 100g dark brown soft sugar 397g can Carnation Condensed Milk For the top: 4 small bananas 300ml carton whipping cream, lightly whipped Grated chocolate 1. Put the biscuit crumbs in your bowl, then tip in the melted butter and mix it all together. Spoon this into the base and press against the bottom and sides – this is the base of the banoffee pie recipe. Chill it for ten minutes. 2. Melt the butter…