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Bill’s in Victoria: A Review

Bill’s in Victoria is in an excellent location, with great views of Westminster Cathedral and the surrounding area. The decor is gorgeous- green velvets and soft leather seating, with the homely clutter that Bill’s is known for.

My top tip would be to book in advance- I went on a Sunday lunchtime and it was very busy, so I can only imagine would it would be like on a Friday or Saturday evening. You can book easily through their website.

What to eat?

I had the chicken shawarma- it was really filling and made me feel like I was eating the rainbow! Simple but tasty. I liked the fact that there was a wide-range of choices on the menu. The brunch looked good, so if I came back, I think I want to try that.

Of course, I indulged in a post-meal treat- the strawberry and hazelnut cheesecake pot. This cleverly sized portion, served in an cute little pot, combined the sweet flavours of ripe strawberries with the rich, nutty undertones of hazelnuts, all swirled into a creamy cheesecake base. For anyone who relishes the concept of dessert but doesn’t always have the appetite for a traditional slice of cheesecake, these mini pots of joy strike the perfect balance between portion size and flavour.

On several previous visits, I have had the meatballs for my main course. I liked it so much that it is a struggle every time I visit Bill’s not to keep ordering it, and to try something different.

What to drink?

Bill’s offers a delightful array of cocktails, each promising a unique fusion of flavours. Among these, a particular concoction stood out for its perfect balancing act of rustic charm and elegant sophistication—the Hedgerow Fizz. It consists of elderflower cordial, partnered with frozen blackberries that add a tart and fruity character. To complete this trio, Prosecco creates a celebratory fizz.

Anything else?

Okay, so I have to be honest and say that Bill’s in Victoria is not my favourite branch of Bills. This is mainly due to how busy it is and the fact that they tend to overbook. Last time I visited this particular branch, we were practically on the laps of the people sitting next to us! This visit was a better experience, but I did have to make sure there weren’t too many of us crammed around the table.

On the whole, I’d recommend Bill’s in Victoria, London- the food is tasty, the atmosphere is fun and the experience is worth the money spent.

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