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Mexican food in London Bridge at Santo Remedio

I’m a big fan of Mexican food. For a long time, I have named Santo Remedio as my favourite Mexican place for Mexican food in London. I even wrote a blog post back in 2019, extolling its virtues (you can find it here if you want to check it out).

And then I came across El Pastor and my favourite restaurant had some strong competition. I really wanted to go back to Santo Remedio and try it again. And then I got my chance- in January, we spent a few hours at Winter Lights in Canary Wharf (which is worth visiting if you ever get the chance to go), however the crowds meant we were keen to get out of the area and go somewhere more chilled. We headed towards London Bridge and into Santo Remedio!

What to eat?

Santo Remedio’s menu is inspired by dishes found in markets, taquerias and at celebrations in Mexico. I really wanted to try the Hibiscus enchiladas when I previously visited, so yes, I tried them this time. And they were epic. I have never eaten hibiscus before- the texture was a little meaty, but with a flavour all of their own.

However, I have to say the pork belly tacos and tuna tostadas were pretty damn tasty as well. The pork belly tacos were crispy, with succulent, juicy pieces of pork. I would recommend all three.

What to drink?

The Paloma cocktail was my choice and it was gorgeous. Ingredients were El Jimador, lime & lemon juice, pink grapefruit and soda.

Anything else?

The decor is really cosy. There’s lots of plants about, which made me feel like I was visiting somebody’s house (although a customer did accidentally knock a plant down the stairs when we were there!) I’m not sure how authentic this place is, but there was a delightfully charming ambience. So pleasant after being in busy Canary Wharf.

The restaurant was busy, but they managed to find us a table without booking. I found at times the service could be a little slow, but admittedly the restaurant was very busy. It was a little pricier than I would pay elsewhere, but this place is ideal for either date night or a trip out with friends. If you’re looking for Mexican food in London, this is the place to go.


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