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Foodie Adventures in the Scottish Highlands

I hope your 2022 is off to a good start so far?

As well as wanting to be a food blogger, I’ve always fancied being a travel blogger. What could be better than travelling the world, writing about my experiences of eating great food and seeing interesting sights? Travel blogging is not quite an area I’ve cracked yet, but I still enjoy talking about the food I’ve eaten in the places I’ve visited. My trip to the Scottish Highlands last Autumn is perfect for that. Most of my food choices were centered around Inverness as it is the capital of the Highlands. Inverness is full of visitors who want to eat well- which is exactly what I was looking to do.

Encore Une Fois in Inverness is a cute little bar which does a good line in food as well. It is inspired by Bonny Prince Charlie and is supposed to be a tribute to Highland dining. A lot of places in Inverness were fully booked quite early on- however, this one wasn’t. The first thing I noticed was that the service was slow, which was a bit strange as we went on a fairly quiet Monday night. However, I had the chicken stuffed with haggis, which was sublime, and the cocktails were £5 which was a bonus. We didn’t order dessert, as it was likely to turn up at midnight. Encore Une Fois is worth a visit, if just for the food alone.

Zizzi is a chain restaurant, but not one I tend to go to often, so I’m not massively familiar with it. I tried the pepperoni pizza- I find most high-street pizza generic but was this one was genuinely full of flavour. Also, Zizzi in Inverness has a great view overlooking the River Ness. Again the service was slow- I’m not quite sure what was going on, but the staff were apologetic.

Pitlochry is a Victorian holiday resort nestled in the mountains. It is super pretty and packed full of cafes, restaurants and gift shops. Morton’s Coffee Lounge is the place to duck into for a hot drink and a cake whilst in Pitlochry. It was charming, bustling and the millionaire shortbread is recommended. Plus sitting in the window is a good place to people-watch.

I would definitely say though, that the best meal I had in the Scottish Highlands was courtesy of The White House. If you want to eat here, try booking a few days ahead, as it can be popular. The chicken burger and chips were delicious. The atmosphere was also great- cosy, but with a classy and trendy vibe. Great place to have a few glasses of wine on a Friday night as well.

We also had pre-booked dinners in the hotel a few nights (Mercure), so I’ve included some of those- love ice cream!

The Scottish Highlands were so beautiful and such a treat to visit- I would go back in a heartbeat. But the food is also worth shouting about as well- I only wish I could have stayed there longer!

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