• vegan

    Quorn in Pitta

    Another luscious meal that was cooked for me by a friend.  I have never tried quorn before but my friend is vegetarian. I actually really liked it,  I don’t know whether I’d want it as a regular substitute for meat but I enjoyed it and would definitely eat it again.

  • Different Cultures

    Falafel in Pitta

    My friend cooked this for me, it was lovely. I’ve never had falafel before, so this was completely new to me, however I will definitely be eating it again. As you can see from the pictures below, the food was quite simply arranged and was great for sharing.   

  • Eating Out,  food


    Last week I paid a visit to Wagamama’s with my friend Emma. I was trying to avoid meat that day so chose the Yasai Katsu Curry. It was absolutely delicious, highly recommended even for a meal eater. It was also a good reminder than there are many non-meat alternatives in chain restaurants out there. Emma had the ramen (I think) and a smoothie: We both indulged in the coconut ice cream afterwards. Ice cream is an everyday food!