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Where to eat in Prague (and Dresden)

Food in Prague is hearty. It is also filling and tasty. I was lucky enough to visit Prague recently for a birthday trip, so was keen to try as much of the local food as possible and discover where best to eat in Prague.

The local beverage is Pilsner and it is ridiculously cheap (as is all the beer). My partner loves the stuff so it was his dream. I don’t like beer so I wasn’t so keen. However, there are plenty of other drinks to enjoy.

Fancy a few ideas of where to eat in Prague? Here is a round-up of some of my favourite places I ate and drank at during my visit:


This was a really unexpected find, located just off a side street around the back of Wenceslas Square. I had my first taste of Czech food here- beef goulash and dumplings. It feels like the kind of place that a local would recommend for tasty, authentic eats.

It is also ridiculously cheap. My glass of wine was the equivalent of around £2. Recommended.

Restaurace Lavicka

We found this place by chance, by jumping off the tram when we saw somewhere interesting. It was a really good find, situated in a quiet neighbourhood and the desserts were gorgeous.

It also has a bright, cheerful interior. It was quiet when we arrived, but got busier as the evening went on. I had ribs, which were as sticky and satisfying as expected.

Restaurace U Modrého Hroznu

This place was super cute! If you visit on a dry day, try to get a seat in the walled garden around the back. They offer a discount if you pay by cash, so could be worth coming prepared with some of the local currency. And the food was lovely! My jacket potato was delicious (and really creamy).

Atmosphere Cafe Pub

We wanted to visit a bar with a Czech feel to it and this was ideal. The main part of pub was set up like a Czech pub garden, but there’s also a cosy bar at the front. Good selection of ciders. Also great for people-watching.

Hotel Koruna, Karlstejn

Everywhere else was closed in Karlstejn, but I didn’t care as this was so good! I had schnitzel sitting out in the courtyard and watched the world go by. The hotel was decorated in a retro, bohemian style. The menu was available in several languages and service was fast. Ideal for food after a trip to Karlstejn castle.

U Pivrnce

This was on the list of top places of where to eat in Prague and with good reason. Its very very trendy and super busy. A top tip is to make sure you make a booking, otherwise it will be really hard to get in here.

They serve traditional Czech food with a modern twist. Staff were professional and friendly and there was a great atmosphere. I had the Svickova (beef sirloin) which was probably the best thing ever.

Side note- they mainly serve beer but they made me a shandy as I don’t drink beer.

Seminar Cafe

The thing that sold this cafe to us was the lovely beer garden around the back. It was gorgeous weather in Prague so we definitely wanted to make the most of it.

The burritos were ideal for lunch, washed down by homemade lemonade.

This cafe was on the same street as the narrowest alley in Prague (if you wanted to add another local “attraction” to your list haha).

And something from Dresden…

We got in day trip to Dresden so I had to include something from there!

We visited Dresden 1900, which was pretty chilled on a Wednesday afternoon. I can imagine this place gets busy on peak times. It was a little pricier then elsewhere but I think I was used to Czech prices!

I really liked the quirky wall decor- vintage memorabilia from the old-school Dresden. I particularly liked the tram located in the centre of the restaurant and the tram- style seating.

Food was fine- plentiful and enjoyable.

A few tips for visiting Prague

• Card is widely accepted in most places, however a few places only accept cash, so it is a good idea to have some crowns on you.

  • Avoid Euronet ATMs at all costs, as the exchange rates are horrendous.

• Honest Guides have put together some great guides to Prague which we watched before our trip. They told us the cheapest way to get from the airport to the city centre (hint: it’s not by taxi). Check out their videos here.

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