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My Favourite Book of 2014

I meant to write this post a few days ago however, unfortunately I have been battling a heavy cold. 

I want to write a review of my favourite book that I read in 2014.  Even though I read quite a few last year, the one that stands out in my mind is The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton.  I have been a fan of Kate’s books for several years now and a new release always goes straight onto my to-read list. I was right to anticipate the release of The Secret Keeper, as it is a stunning, accomplished novel, with many layers and an excellent twist. 

The basic premise of the book is that teenager Laurel witnesses her sweet, gentle mother Dorothy stab a man to death one summer day.  The incident is hushed up and buried under the carpet.  Flash forward 50 years and Laurel still questions what happened that day. It is clear that this is linked to something that happened in Dorothy’s younger years and the book jumps back and forwards in time throughout the narrative as the story unfolds. 

This book got me through a particularly difficult time in my life by giving me something else to think about as I was reading it.  When I put the book down I was constantly thinking about it,  trying to piece together what had happened.  I had many sleepless nights where I sat up reading The Secret Keeper- this isn’t something that happens too often to me! I actually dreaded the book ending,  it was that good.

Kate Morton is a fantastic storyteller and her prose throughout is spellbinding.  The Secret Keeper is a fabulous and highly recommended read.

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