Right lovely girls and boys, time for a writing update. Since the last time I have posted a blog, I have had this published: http://www.weekendnotes.com/the-shakespeare-pub-victoria. This is quite different to anything I have written before, as I pretty much laid into the entire place. Which is fair I feel, it deserved it.

I have also been published elsewhere: http://spiltinc.co.uk/2012/10/31/are-british-universities-really-dumbing-down/ . This is an opinion piece I had sitting around on my computer for a few months. Please read both :=)

In other news, I am starting a new job tomorrow! I was in my last one for nearly two years so this is quite a big thing for me. The last day at my old job was difficult and emotional as I had to say goodbye to everyone. I brought in cupcakes and sweets for my colleagues which were quickly demolished. My colleagues also gave me flowers and chocolates and everyone said how much they will miss me. I just hope everything turns out ok for my new job.

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