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A little bit of Scoff & Banter

I haven’t posted on here for a bit because I’ve been at Green Man festival in Crickhowell. This is a lovely festival with such a chilled vibe. I had a great few days with friends, listening to music and relaxing in the sunshine (and sheltering from the rain!)

On a completely unrelated note, a little while ago, I visited Scoff & Banter in Bloomsbury. I was doing a charity run the next day so wanted to load up on protein and carbs. Scoff & Banter seemed as good a place as any to prep myself for race day. The fact it was highly rated helped a lot as well.

This is what I ate:


Slow-roasted garlic mushrooms on toasted sourdough

Main course

Herb-crusted lamb with creamy potatoes and vegetables

I do love a bit of lamb and this was wonderfully juicy.

I didn’t fancy any of the puddings so didn’t have one, however I should have really gone for this yummy Berry and Mint lattice pie with custard:

Scoff & Banter’s menu leads with a quotation by Virginia Woolfe

“One cannot think well,
love well, sleep well,
if one has not dined well.”

Totally true in my opinion and something that Scoff & Banter upholds. Try one of their puddings.

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