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My food travels in the Netherlands: Utrecht

I fail at travel blogging. I’ve been back from the Netherlands for over a month now and have been way too slow in uploading my pictures of the food we ate over there.

Utrecht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, built along two tree-lined canals (the main one being Oudegracht). It is often described as Amsterdam’s little sister, but has a character of its own. It is also a foodie dream!

Here is a round- up of some of the food I ate in Utrecht:

Oude Muntkelder

The Netherlands is known for its stroopwaffel, but is also big on its pancakes, with a pancake house on every corner.

Oude Muntkelder offers over 70 types of pancake which you can mix and match. I tried banana and Nutella, simply because I could.

If you’re going this carb- load, this is the place to do it. Delicious- recommended.

Humphrey’s Restaurant

First- the ambiance. Visiting Humphrey’s Restaurant is like stepping back into an old- school romance, resplendent with red velvet curtains and low lighting. It was so good, it almost upstaged the food.

Dinner is served as a three- course set menu so be prepared to eat a lot!

Coupe with three different types of ice-cream

Lamb burgers served on mini pitas with tabbouleh salad with mint and Greek yoghurt

Verdict: I loved it, but then, I would do.

Restaurant Blauw

According to locals and food guides alike, Blauw is the best restaurant in Utrecht. This was a rather lovely Indonesian place that was hard to get a booking for.
Blauw specialises in rijsttafel (rice tables). There is a choice of meat, fish or vegetarian options, which are served as 15-20 little ramekins of Indonesian dishes.

All the food!

Sadly, we didn’t leave room for dessert. This was entirely our own fault as no-one forced us to eat that much.

This place was amazing but don’t plan to eat the next day!

Special mention needs to be made to this melting concotion:

I really couldn’t complain about hunger during this trip as I seemed to never stop eating! Utrecht is a recommended destination- it’s full of culture, history and some fantastic food. It also helped that I was travelling with a local.

This was my second visit to the Netherlands after falling in love with the country when I previously visited two years ago. I will post some pictures of the other food I ate during my trip over the next few days.

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