Current Obsessions

I felt like posting a round up of my current addictions. It feels quite narcissistic to do so, but hey, I feel like sharing.  So here they are:

Latte (especially Vanilla)
I’m not usually a big fan of coffee, preferring my beloved tea any day, however I tried a cup of Vanilla Latte at Costa the other day and now can’t stop drinking it. After all, I love everything Vanilla flavoured. I work above a Starbucks so am pretty keen to try it out next time someone in the office gets a round. However I’m conscious of the calories so will try the skinny option, so I can drink more of them! They are so good I want one now.


Bloglovin’ is pretty awesome.  If you’re one for following blogs like me, then you’ll really like the way it gives you the opportunity to follow all your blogs from the same place.  Another handy feature is how it suggests posts based on what you’re already following.  It always seems to pick out posts that really interest me.  You can save them for easy reference later, under handy subject areas.

Yoomoo Frozen Yoghurt
On a recent trip to Westfield shopping centre,  we stopped at a Yoomoo bar to try out the frozen yogurt.  It was delicious and healthy to boot (although I doubt it was that healthy after all the chocolate and sweets we added!). It was pretty pricey though, however tasting it made me want more. I liked it so much, I currently have a tub in my freezer at home, to satisfy my craving whenever I need it.


Next Black Leather Handbag
A bit of an odd one but my Next bag has now entered my spectrum of current obsessions. It is lovely to touch, seeing as it made out of crushed leather and is a perfect size to hold your essentials whilst on a trip to the cinema or having a meal out. I wanted it the moment I saw it and it is now my casual bag of choice.

Royal Blood
Have just started listening to this band and am really impressed with their style. Their songs are so catchy that a lot of them have stayed in my head. I’m even hoping to catch them on tour.

So there you have it, a list of the people and things that currently rock my world. I’m pretty sure there’ll change next month though.

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