Getting Organised

Anyone who knows me knows I am not exactly the world’s most organised person. I would love to be, but it’s not happening. Which is why I enlist the help of diaries. This year I pushed the boat out and bought the Frankie Diary, which is something I always wanted, but never bought, mainly because I thought it was quite expensive. However, after many years of yearning, I decided this would be the year I would finally own one.


Despite the fact that I ordered it at Christmas and it comes from Australia, it arrived fairly swiftly. It is definitely worth purchasing. The diary is beautifully illustrated and I feel guilty marking its lovely pages.


I look forward to using it throughout the year. Because it’s big, I purchased a smaller diary from Santoro, one that I can easily put in a bag and pull out when needed.


Hopefully I can now be more organised!

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