Side Projects

Hey 🙂 it’s Claire- the lesser spotted Claire. I know I haven’t posted anything on here for ages, but that’s because I’ve been busy with work and life admin. I’ve also been busy over the last few months working on two side projects, which have taken up a lot of my time which I’m massively excited to tell you about.

One of these projects is an online magazine Little Things That Shine, which can be found here. Little Things That Shine has a range of features, such as book and film reviews, articles on self- acceptance and travel posts. I love it- it’s such fun to write.

My other side project is a food blog: Sweet Harmless Temptations. Named after a line in Joanne Harris’ novel Chocolat, Sweet Harmless Temptations was originally set up to show off photos of sweet treats that I have enjoyed, but has since evolved to be a celebration of all types of culinary delights. I’m a massive foodie so it makes sense for me to showcase one of my passions like this.

Please go and have a look at both and feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think. Happy Monday!

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