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Sotto Sotto, Bath

Sotto Sotto is such a popular dinner spot in Bath, you need to be sure to get a reservation in plenty of time, or else risk not getting in at all. The reviews are so good that we were keen to try it whilst in Bath, especially as we were all fans of Italian food.

Okay so it had a great vibe- bustling with people and lovely low romantic lighting. I felt like I was going somewhere really high-end upon entering. It’s deep within the vaults of North Parade, so feels very secret and hidden away.

I’m obviously here to talk about the food right? Starter was calamari which is always a winner with me. It was served on a wooden board to maintain that rustic Italian vibe. It tasted great as well.

For the main course, I had a buttersquash- flavoured pasta dish- I’m not sure it was what I ordered but it actually tasted amazing! Better than what I actually ordered. Some of the best pasta I’ve had for ages.

I finished with the ice cream (I really love Italian ice cream). And then they gave us the…

…which finished this off nicely.

Sotto Sotto was a real experience- definitely recommended if you ever find yourself in Bath.

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