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    Surviving Glastonbury (or any other festival)

      AKA How I learned to stop worrying and love the long- drops So last week I came back from Glastonbury festival. You don’t need me to tell you that Glastonbury is the greatest place on earth (although it is). For anyone who hasn’t been, it is super hard to explain what is amazing about it. It’s like a city with different districts, the best nightlife and a daytime world that constantly keeps you stimulated. When I went the first time in 2014, even though I enjoyed it, I was pleased to come home, mainly as I relished the opportunity of sleeping in a proper bed. However, this time I actually got hardcore…

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    Stewarding for Oxfam

    About a month ago, I did some festival stewarding for Oxfam, something I’ve been wanting to do for ages.Two friends and I went to Camp Bestival in Dorset. Camp Bestival is the baby brother of Isle of Wight festival, Bestival and was established by the same founder, Rob da Bank and is primarily aimed at families. We chose it as we hoped it would be more chilled out that other music festivals, plus the dates slotted in with our schedules. Oxjam stewarding consists of volunteering for three 8 hour shifts over the course of the festival. In exchange, the festival is free to volunteers. As well as this, Oxfam stewards…

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    What To Take To A Festival

    Friday marks the starts of Glastonbury 2015. I have already started seeing photos on Facebook and Instragram of people arriving at the festival. As someone who attended Glastonbury last year, I expected to feel envy that I’m not going to be there this year, but I’m actually quite relieved, as I get to sleep in a warm bed and drink tea! I’m also pleased not to be experiencing the long drop toilets (try using them in the dark) and trying to dodge hypothermia. Plus I have done my fair share of muddy festivals already this year, with Download two weeks ago and the torrential rain splattered British Summer Time last…