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What To Take To A Festival

Friday marks the starts of Glastonbury 2015. I have already started seeing photos on Facebook and Instragram of people arriving at the festival. As someone who attended Glastonbury last year, I expected to feel envy that I’m not going to be there this year, but I’m actually quite relieved, as I get to sleep in a warm bed and drink tea! I’m also pleased not to be experiencing the long drop toilets (try using them in the dark) and trying to dodge hypothermia. Plus I have done my fair share of muddy festivals already this year, with Download two weeks ago and the torrential rain splattered British Summer Time last weekend. I am also going to be camping at Camp Bestival at the end of next month, so I think I have the whole festival thing covered really.

One of the things that stressed me out about going to Glastonbury was knowing what to take. It was daunting, making sure that I was covered for all situations and ensuring everything fitted into a backpack. I spent a lot of time researching on the Internet what to bring with me. This is what has inspired me to write this guide, to help those who aren’t sure what to take to a festival.

So here is what to take to a festival:

  • Your festival ticket
  • A really good sleeping bag. I used the recommendations on Amazon and managed to pick a cosy sleeping bag. Bear in mind it will get cold at night, even though it’s Summer.
  • Wet wipes. I would recommend these even for one day festivals. At Glastonbury, it was near impossible for us to shower every day, so these were my best friend. I brought so many, seriously. They were essential for wiping the mud off my wellies at night and just for keeping me feeling fresh!
  • A raincoat or poncho- will definitely need this if you’re camping, you will be grateful for it.
  • Hand sanitizer- don’t go anywhere without it. Also an essential for one- dayers, you can’t guarantee portaloos will always have some.
  • Wellies-Yes! Couldn’t have survived Glastonbury or Download without them, absolute essential.
  • Torch- handy for seeing inside your tent or being about to find your way when walking around site.
  • Loo roll- pack one in your carry around bag. Bring a pack of tissues for one day festivals.
  • Dry shampoo- handy for all those times when having a shower feels like a distant dream. It will help make you feel good and might even be able to salvage your hair.
  • Hat- believe me, if your hair is feeling skanky, you’re going to need one of these. It also came in handy at Sundown festival when the nights got chilly.


  • Sunglasses- useful for posing, or just for their usual purpose!
  • Sun protection
  • Welly socks- if the rain comes down, you’ll be grateful for these. I also wore mine at night.
  • Clothes that you can layer, such as leggings. Don’t forget to bring a hoodie- remember that it can get very cold.

  • Tent (well, duh).
  • A good quality air bed and pump. I found mine so comfortable.
  • Painkillers- don’t let a headache ruin your festival.
  • Gaffe tape- can pretty much fix anything.
  • Bin bags- ideal for lining inside of your backpack to keep the mud out or packing your rubbish away when you’ve finished with it.

So not exactly the definitive list of festival essentials, however however this post will give you some idea of what to take to a festival. However, the main thing is to bring bags of fun with you, turn up expecting every type of weather and enjoy the music! See you down the front.


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