Teapigs Chocolate and Mint Tea


Anyone who knows me knows that I love my tea and one of my favourite things to do is find a new type of tea to enjoy. I was delighted, therefore, when I came across Teapigs Chocolate and Mint tea, as I love to accompany my tea with something chocolatey. Therefore I thought I’d give this a whirl.

Each box contains 15 “tea temples” which are made of biodegradable fabric. This flavouring belongs to Teapigs “no caffeine” range, which has been recently launched and they are designed so that no milk and sugar needs to be added.

According to the instructions, the tea needs to be left to brew for around 3-5 minutes. The first time I brewed it, I left it for around 3 minutes, but it could have been done longer. Upon trying the tea out, I have to admit, even though I could definitely taste the mint, the chocolate taste wasn’t very strong (I have since tried brewing it for longer and the outcome was the same). However, the tea was still pleasantly flavoured and there was a hint of chocolate. The mint was soothing and strangely comforting as well.

This tea works well as an afternoon treat and with only 3 calories, you can afford to be decadent. After trying out this tea, I am keen to try some more in the Teapigs range. Even though these teabags are pricier than usual, you can really taste the quality.

I would recommend this to any chocolate fans out there, as even though the tea lacks a strong chocolatey flavour, it still manages to hit the sweet spot. A delightfully quirky brew.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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