Eat Like A Londoner

Bill’s Melting Bombe

It’s me. The lesser- spotted me. I’ve been super busy recently with holidays etc. (look out for more info in a forthcoming post!) However, I’m not too busy to share some pics of my recent trip to Bill’s restaurant in Greenwich, in which I continued my mission to find London’s best dessert.

Bill’s Melting Bombe is definitely a contender. Creamy caramel, delicious chunks of brownie, chocolate icecream…you can almost taste the calories.

But this dessert was worth it. Gloriously decadent, with sauce you can liberally pour all over it, it was divine.

And it was very satisfying when I cracked open the dome…

That’s honeycomb by the way

If Greenwich’s maritime history isn’t enough to lure you there, maybe this pudding will.

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