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Eating My Way Through London: Iznik

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great Christmas with plenty of opportunities for festive eating and drinking! I’ve been a bit out of it due to being afflicted by Covid. However, I’ve decided to get back to blogging by writing about my trip to the Turkish restaurant Iznik a few months back.

Iznik is described as being easily accessible from Highbury and Islington station but it’s actually more of a distance than that. This said, it’s worth the trip. It’s gorgeously decorated and makes you feel as if you’re in an Ottoman palace.

The environment is warm and cosy, a welcoming smile of a restaurant, perfect for date night or after a day of exploring London. Service was good and the staff were friendly. It was quiet but busy enough to have an atmosphere.

The food was delicious and not massively expensive. We both had the Izgara as it offered a selection of a few different dishes- it was so delicious. The bread is very high-quality.

And the baklava is outstanding:

I’ve been to a few Turkish restaurants around London and this is one of the better ones. And we were given free shots as well- bonus!

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