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Eating My Way Through London: Mexican at the Bodega Negra Cafe

Soho is the go-to place for a good time in London, and it was top of my list for dinner and cocktails after visiting an exhibition. Bodega Negra Cafe boasts a vibrant, lively ambience with a cool Soho-vibe. The decor makes for a trendy atmosphere and the staff were friendly. It has all the makings of a classic Saturday night hang-out.

Except it’s missing one vital ingredient. The food is just okay- my quesadillas were more like a pizza, and the rice and black beans in my friend’s dish were cold (but we think they were meant to be like that). The portions were pretty small and I felt hungry afterwards- not really worth the money we paid for them. That said my quesadillas were tasty.

The best thing about Bodega Negra were the margaritas. I would recommend visiting for cocktails before or after eating. It’s stylish and fun, but skip the main meals.

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