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The Spy Glass Inn, Ventnor

I’m a sucker for a beautiful view, and the Spy Glass Inn in Ventnor, on the Isle of Wight, has that in spades.

When you’re standing on Ventnor Cove with its sheer cliffs and turquoise waters, it’s hard not to feel like you’ve found your way into paradise. And that’s exactly what we felt when we visited the Spy Glass Inn, a local pub with great food and an amazing view of Ventnor Cove

The portions are generous, and the food is tasty—we both have big appetites but struggled to finish our plates of calamari and chips. They served standard pub grub, but it was very filling and the seafood was very fitting for our location.

The pub had a great character: full of atmosphere, friendly service, and interesting people. It was very busy when we visited—we couldn’t get a seat initially (Isle of Wight festival was happening that weekend) but once we were seated and had ordered our food, it arrived quickly. And that was lucky because we were SO hungry. There was also a selection of good local beers.

To set the evening off nicely, we managed to watch the glorious sunset from our seats.

The Spy Glass Inn is a bit of job to find, especially if you’re staying in central Ventnor, but is a cosy little nook if you fancy a relaxed, filling meal with a gorgeous view.

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